Holiday Marketing Ideas

It’s that time of year! Holiday shoppers are out in full force, and so is the competition. Help your business stand out and make the most of the holiday rush with these easy, cost-effective holiday marketing tips.


Team Up


Partner with other local businesses to offer gift bundles. Use your networking skills to get in touch with other business owners who offer products that complement your own. Put together fun gift baskets that feature everyone’s products, and offer them for sale in each location. You can split the profits and get your products out to a wider market.


Offer Coupons


Turn holiday shoppers into regulars by including discount offers with each purchase. Include physical coupons in the checkout bag, or follow up with an email offer. Make these offers valid for post-holiday shopping so your customers will be encouraged to return in the new year and beyond.


Be Charitable


Get involved with a local charity to sponsor a holiday event. You’ll be helping a good cause and spreading brand awareness at the same time! You could also consider partnering with a local charity like the food shelf to accept donations at your location.


Join a Holiday Market


It may be too cold for farmers markets, but the holiday season usually brings many pop up holiday markets. Take your products on the road, and don’t forget your mobile payment processing system. These markets are usually full of shoppers looking to check items off their holiday lists.


Offer Holiday Treats


Get in the holiday spirit and offer free hot chocolate or holiday cookies to shoppers while they browse. Make sure to put a sign outside letting passersby know that you’re offering up some sweet treats!


Gift Wrap


Consider offering gift wrapping services for free or for a small fee. Many people hate to wrap gifts and would much rather take home an already wrapped present than try to battle with the scotch tape.



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