How to Boost Post-Holiday Sales

Many small businesses experience a sales slump after the holidays. Customers are burned out on shopping and running low on cash. Try these tips to boost your post-holiday sales and make January a success!


Turn Returns into Sales

Get ready for an influx of returns. Make sure all of your staff is trained in converting returns to sales. Make suggestions for alternate products if someone didn’t like the gift they received for Christmas. Make sure newcomers to your store are aware of all of the options you carry, and try to help them find something they like better. Above all, provide customers with a great experience and make the return process easy so they want to come back and shop with you again!


Give Coupons

Put post-holiday coupons in with any holiday purchase you sell. Make sure the coupon date starts on December 26 to encourage shoppers to return after the holidays. If you forgot to offer physical coupons and it’s too late in the holiday season, use your email marketing list and social media to offer coupons for the new year.


Start Remarketing

If you captured customer information (like email addresses and phone numbers) through the holiday shopping season, follow up with them in the weeks after Christmas. Let these customers know about any new sales you’re offering or any new products available.


Have an Online Contest

Keep the holiday spirit going and ask your customers to share their favorite gift of the holiday season via social media. You should get some fans raving about gifts they received from your business, and also generate a fun conversation online. Pick a winner at random from everyone who posted, and offer a free item or discount.


Launch a New Product

New year, new leaf! If you have any new products coming down the pipeline, try to time your release for early January. Capitalize on post-holiday spending and encourage existing customers to come back for your exciting new goods.



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