How to Create an Effective Online Store

Whether you’re launching an eCommerce site as a complement to your brick and mortar, or as your sole point of sale, these tips will help you create an effective online store that attracts customers and drives revenue.

Keep The Payment Process Simple

If customers get to the purchase point and are confronted with a confusing checkout process, or feel like their information might not be secure, they are likely to bail and leave their shopping cart full. With Merchant One eCommerce solutions, you can set up a simple shopping cart that is both secure and convenient for users.

Use a Design That Fits Your Brand

Website design is one area where you don’t want to cut corners. Using a templated design can look unprofessional, and probably won’t help you attract new customers. It’s important to design your site in a way that showcases your business’s personality. Incorporate your logo, use images of your brick and mortar if you have one, and create a website that reflects the brand you have worked so hard to build. If you’re not familiar with web design, make some room in your budget to hire a professional.

Encourage Product Reviews

Positive product reviews can have a huge effect on your online sales. If a potential customer is on the fence about a product, positive reviews can encourage them to make a purchase. Detailed reviews can also help provide customers with specific information about how a product might fit or how it works in a real-life scenario. To collect reviews, solicit them from existing customers through email and social media. Offer incentives if possible, and make sure to follow up with a thank you!

Use High Quality Images

Make your products look their best. If you’re using imagery from the manufacturer, make sure you choose the highest quality images that accurately represent the product. If you’re handing your own photography, consider shots of the product in action (show clothing on an actual person instead of a mannequin, or take pictures of people actually using your product).

Market Your Website

If nobody knows your eCommerce site is there, you’re not likely to make many sales! Promote your online store across all of your social media accounts. Send out email blasts when you launch the site and to promote sales and new products. If your business has a physical presence, include your URL on signs, business cards, and at the bottom of your receipts.



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