How to Market Your Business on LinkedIn

Many people only turn to LinkedIn when they’re job hunting, but the business-minded social network can actually be a great place to market your business. You can potentially reach new audiences and build brand awareness by following some of these simple steps.


Update Your Personal Page

Start by making sure your personal LinkedIn page is completely filled out and up to date. Although you want to focus on promoting your business, you personal profile is still important. Oftentimes when someone is looking into a company to decide whether or not to do business with them or apply for employment, they will look into the founders and key players of the business. Creating a personal page will also allow you to create a company page, which is your next step.


Create a Company Page

Your company page is your the face of your business on LinkedIn. Make sure you fill it out completely. It’s worth taking the time to craft unique, engaging content for this page rather than simply pulling information off your existing website if you have one. Include images, your logo, and current contact information. Make sure to link to your website and any other social platforms you use for business.


Post Engaging Content

As with other social media channels, you will want to regularly post engaging, informative content to your company page. Keep in mind that LinkedIn is more business oriented than some of the other social media channels; you may want the content you share to reflect this. Post a mix of articles related to your industry, updates about your business, and other relevant topics. Continue including images or video when possible to get more views.


Use Sponsored Updates

As you post to LinkedIn, you can chose to pay to push your posts out to a wider audience. LinkedIn allow you to target users by a variety of filters, including industry, location, groups, and much more. Choose a relevant audience and an appropriate budget to get your message out to people who should see it.


Use Display Ads

Like other social media channels, LinkedIn also has a display ad feature. You can create digital banner ads that will be served to users in their sidebar, on their homepage, or even in their LinkedIn inbox. These ads can be a great way to market your business to a new audience.




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