How to Promote Your Business on Snapchat

You’re probably promoting your business on social media already, but are you forgetting about Snapchat? Many businesses aren’t quite sure how to leverage this particular platform. We have some easy ideas to get you started!

Give a Peek Behind the Scenes

Snapchat is by nature less polished than other social media platforms. The platform’s photos are videos are less about striking the perfect pose and choosing the best filter and more about showing events in real time. Have fun with this and give your followers a look behind the scenes of your business. Take a video of staff goofing off at the office party, show off your head chef’s impressive apple juggling skills, or capture your latest window display setup process.

Highlight Products

Use Snapchat to give your followers a preview of new products before they’re available. Consider shooting a teaser video of new products arriving at your store, or capture the unboxing of an exciting new gadget. It can also be fun to show products in action. Have a willing employee model a new jacket or demo how a product works.

Use Snap Ads

Snap Ads are a great tool for small businesses. These paid advertisements allow you to post a 10-second video that will appear between stories in a user’s feed. Users can choose to swipe up to view more content from your brand. Engaging Snap Ads can be an effective way to increase your followers and improve brand awareness.

Create GeoFilters

GeoFilters are another form of paid advertising on SnapChat. These custom filters can feature your brand logo, colors, fun graphics, and more. You choose the location where the filter will be available to users (i.e. your storefront, food truck location, company event). Your customers and fans can then take snaps of themselves using these filters and share them with their own followers.

Run Contests 

Just like with other social media platforms, contests can be an effective way to boost engagement on snapchat. Ask users to send snaps of themselves browsing your store, eating your food, or using your products, and offer prizes for the most creative or funniest entries.



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