How Your POS System Can Make (or Break) Your Business

Is your POS system helping or hurting your business? If you’re using an old, out of date system, you might be missing out on serious revenue. Upgrade your POS system with Merchant One so you can do the following and help your business succeed!


Improve Customer Experience

Few things are more frustrating to shoppers than long check out lines. Some people will turn right back around and walk out the door if they see a big crowd around the registers. Instead of losing business and frustrating customers by making them wait through a long checkout process, make it simple with an efficient POS system. Your POS system should be intuitive for employees to use, and it should run smoothly without lags or wait times.


Diffuse Frustration

Even businesses with the newest POS system technology occasionally experience a bottleneck at the register. Suddenly every customer in the store decides to check out at once, and it doesn’t matter how efficient your technology is or how well trained your employees are, customers are going to have to stand in line and they may get impatient. This is where a mobile POS system comes in handy! Have an employee from the sales floor grab a tablet or mobile POS system and jump in to help out. They can check people our right on the sales floor. Customers will be impressed and thankful rather than frustrated.


Capture Leads

You make a sale, check the customer out, bag up their purchase, and then…never see them again? Instead, capture their information with your POS system. Gather email addresses and phone numbers to follow up with promotions. Encourage repeat customers and reward loyalty to build a fanbase that returns over and over.


Accept Any Form of Payment

What happens if your customer gets to the register and realizes they’ve forgotten their wallet? If you have the right POS system, you can let them pay with their phone! By accommodating a wide variety of payment options, you ensure that every person who enters your business will be able to pay in the manner most convenient to them. Don’t lose business because you can’t accept certain forms of payment, choose a POS system that lets you accept anything!



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