Improving Security at Your Small Business

Theft, vandalism, and hacking are all serious threats to businesses of any size. Whether you’re just starting out or have been in business for years, you might be vulnerable. Take these steps to improve your security and protect your small business.


Add Surveillance Cameras

Visible security cameras in your business can help deter theft, and if something does happen, can help you catch the culprit. Security systems are surprisingly affordable these days. You don’t necessarily need an elaborate system; if you’re on a budget, purchase a few wireless cameras and point them at entrances and in a few key positions around your store.


Add Bright Lights

Make sure your entryway is brightly lit. Consider leaving a few lights on in your business overnight, so that anyone breaking in would be easily visible from outside. To save money on electric bills, invest in energy saving LED bulbs, or consider installing motion triggered lighting.


Train Your Employees

One of the best steps you can take to secure your business is to provide proper training to your employees. Teach them the basics of securing both your physical location and any digital information. Make sure only trusted employees have keys to the business, and establish strict rules about who is allowed on premises after business hours.


Focus on Cybersecurity

About half of small businesses experience a cyber attack at some point. Don’t let yours be next! Make sure that your business WiFi is secured and all of your computers are regularly updated. Install the latest antivirus and malware protection. If you accept credit cards, Merchant One’s PCI Compliance solution can help keep your customer’s credit card information secure in accordance with PCI Data Security Standard (DSS).


Upgrade Your Locks

This may seem like an obvious way to beef up your security, but it’s often overlooked. Consider installing heavy deadbolt type locks, or upgrading to keyless entry. Limit who has keys and access codes to ensure only trusted employees and business associates can access your location.



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