New Year's Resolutions for Small Business Owners

When you think of New Year’s resolutions you probably think of gym memberships and carb-free diets. This year, make some resolutions that are good for you and your business! Check out some of our ideas below for resolutions you might actually want to keep this year.


Improve Your Digital Presence

Are you doing everything you can to promote your business online? Use the New Year as an excuse to take stock of all of your digital marketing efforts. Consider trying a new marketing channel, like LinkedIn, or increasing your budget on an existing digital campaign.



As a small business owner, you’re probably constantly thinking about your business and juggling a million tasks at once. This year, make it a priority to delegate tasks. Choose a trusted employee, or sit down with your business partner and discuss distribution of workload. Make a point of figuring out which tasks absolutely have to be done by you, and which could be passed off to someone else with a little training.


Expand Your Payment Options

Make 2018 the year you go mobile! Start accepting mobile payments or another new form of payment at your business. If you need a new POS system to make it happen, Merchant One can help! By expanding your payment options, you could expand your customer base as well.


Make Time for Yourself

Did you take a vacation this year? If you’re like many other small business owners, you probably didn’t. Make it a goal this year to take at least a full week off. If that’s not possible, try to give yourself a small period of time each week where you completely unplug from your business and recharge. That means no phone and no email! By giving yourself a chance to reset you may just find that you come back more productive than ever.


Learn Something New

Take a business class, attend a seminar, or read a new book. Set yourself the goal of learning something new that will benefit your business this year. You may come up with a great new idea or completely rethink the way you’ve been doing business so far!



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