Tips for Seasonal Hiring

It’s that time of year! Retail businesses, restaurants and more are gearing up for the busy holiday season again. For many businesses, this means hiring seasonal help. Check out our tips for successful seasonal hiring before you get started!


Start Early

By the time the holiday season rolls around, you want to already have a fully trained staff ready. If you wait too late in the season and try to train new staff members during the busy holiday rush, you’re likely to have both unhappy customers and unhappy employees. Start your hiring process well in advance of the holiday season. By starting early you may also get ahead of the competition and snag some great employees before other businesses in the area get the chance!


Use Social Media

Social media is a great tool for recruiting seasonal help. Your social media fan base likely already includes people in your area who are enthusiastic about your business. Who better to hire? If you have already written up a job description, link to it from your Facebook account or in the bio of your business’s Instagram account. You can write a more general post encouraging people to stop by your location in person to pick up an application.


Seek Referrals

Ask trusted employees if they know of anyone looking for a job. They may have friends, family, or former coworkers who would be a great fit. Chances are they won’t risk their own reputation by recommending someone unqualified or unreliable!


Check References

You may be tempted to cut corners when hiring for a temporary position, but it’s important to follow through and make sure you’re bringing good people into your business. These employees have just as much potential to harm or help your business as year-round employees do. Take a few minutes to track down their references and check in with past employers to avoid future headaches.


Think Long Term

Since you’re already going through the effort of hiring, why not think long term? Consider treating the holiday season as a probationary period and offering long-term employment to your best performing seasonal hires. Even if you don’t have any year-round positions open, make a point to seek out people that you would like to work with long term. Then when if a position does open up in the future, you have people to call who are already proven assets to your business.



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