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Merchant One combines unmatched customer service with cutting edge technology to help make businesses of any size and industry successful. See just what makes Merchant One the safest, most reliable direct processors in the business.


We’re proud to say that we have helped over 100,000 businesses, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to start ups on their way to success. That's because our industry low rates and quick turnaround help you to grow your business sustainably. With Merchant One, you can be set up and accepting credit cards in just 24 hours. Our approval rate is 98%, even if you have less-than-perfect credit. And we'll provide you with a free credit card terminal and training so you can start accepting credit cards as quickly as possible!

POS Systems

With a choice of cloud-based, iPad-based, and server-based POS systems, Merchant One offers a solution for every business. Our POS systems integrate with any hardware you need to complete your business transactions, including printers, scanners, weight scales, and credit card processing terminals. Schedule customer appointments, run reports, create employee schedules, complete sales transactions and manage inventory all from our comprehensive POS systems. Create a seamless sales experience for your customers while keeping everything running smoothly on the back end.

Loyalty Program

Drive revenue and build your brand with merchant gift cards from Merchant One. Easily manage a branded gift card program to increase revenue and expand your customer base. Merchant-branded gift cards put your business into customer’s wallets and put your brand on their minds. Branded gift cards and loyalty cards help bring new customers in to your business and encourage existing customers to return. Keep revenue in house by reducing cash returns. Our reloadable cards drive repeat business and act as a mini-advertisement for your brand all at once.


Transform your payments data into valuable insights about your customers, sales and similar businesses—helping you better understand and grow your business. Understand where your customers live and shop so that you can better target them and see where you might open new locations. Understand the impact of your marketing efforts and receive insights that will help improve your future efforts. Or See how you measure up by comparing sales and seeing how consumers are spending at other businesses like yours. All from your terminal or system.

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